IMS2018 STEM Program

Dru Reynolds, Dru Reynolds Associates

IMS2018 continues the tradition of working with local area students interested in STEM by collaborating with the School District of Philadelphia to put on a one-day STEM program located at the High School of the Future.  The target audience is high school students who will be participating in activities brought to us by  the Tesla Science Foundation with an original Tesla Coil that will "light up" their event and also Virtual Reality goggles showing medical procedures; and The Radio Club of America's Director and Youth Activities Chair, Carole Perry, who travels the world introducing Amateur (Ham) Radio and teaching Morse code to students. Several individual members of MTT are participating with programs such as "breadboarding a simple FM transmitter" and "circuit design, smartphones, and test equipment:  how many ways can you make an LED blink?".  In addition, students will present posters of their STEM activities.      

These types of programs are always a challenge to put together and this year was no exception.    Since IMS2018 occurs in the final days of the School District of Philadelphia’s academic year, the STEM program will run prior to IMS2018.  With the help of members of Eta Kappa Nu from local universities, the IMS2018 program at the High School of the Future will be held on May 30th.  

All students will received backpacks, copies of the IEEE Microwave Magazine’s IMS2018 Special Issue, mementos of the day, and certificates of participation from IMS2018.  

Photo courtesy of Lyle Photos, Atlanta, GA