Guest Suite

Guest Suite: 

The Guest and Hospitality Suite will be located at the 2nd floor of The Courtyard by Marriott just across the street from the Convention Center, starting Monday, 11 June 2018 through Thursday, 14 June 2018.  A continental breakfast and refreshments will be provided for all registered guests.  Guest suite hours are 07:00 to 14:30.

The IMS2018 Guest and Hospitality Suite will be a comfortable home away from home.  In addition to refreshments, the Suite will be a central location to meet your family as well as friends, both ones you knew before IMS2018 as well as ones you make while in Philadelphia.  In the Suite, there will be information regarding sightseeing tours and area attractions.  Children of attendees are also welcome to enjoy the guest lounge with a parent.  There will be a play area where they can have fun coloring, making crafts, and learning about area history.

A number of Guest free experiences will be available during IMS Microwave Week 2018, some of which require free advanced registration due to group size limitations.  Among these activities are:

  • A free Wanamaker Organ personal tour (IMS only) to view, hear, and learn about the history of the famous Wanamaker organ (one of the largest in the world) at the Macy’s department store, given by a local engineer/historian (advanced registration required)  
  • We will have free jewelry, essential oil, and craft workshops for children and adults (advanced registration required). See our Facebook page ( for details.  
  • Walk-abouts to acquaint guests with area museums around the convention center will also be offered.

Access to the Guest and Hospitality Suite is not included in the basic free of charge Guest Pass and requires a one-time fee of $50. Fee includes continental breakfast and refreshments. See the IMS2018 registration for information.

Free tours, workshops, and walk-abouts are space limited and require registration. See our Facebook page for registration information or email