#YoPro, Charting your Course!

There you are on an inflatable life raft in the middle of the ocean, with no map, no compass, and not even an imaginary tiger to help you out. The vast expanse of ocean suggests unlimited possibilities, but you feel powerless to steer your vessel in any one specific direction, so you float aimlessly in the murky unknown, waiting for a passing fishing boat or a helicopter to rescue you. The wait, like the disappearing horizon on the sea, seems endless......

Often, as Young Professionals, trying to chart the course for your career can feel like being on that raft, drifting and hoping for a lifeline. If you've ever felt this way, the Young Professionals Panel Session could offer just the support you need to navigate through those unknown currents and help you arrive safely at your next career haven. Rather than floundering in uncertain waters, not knowing which direction to head, our panelists could provide you with the knowledge to help you catch the wave that carries you to your next great opportunity. These expert guides will provide personal insight and valuable information gleaned from their years of experience in the microwave engineering field so that you catch the right wave for you.

For this year’s IMS, we have gathered a group of successful and experienced microwave engineers from academia, large defense companies, start-ups, and non-profit companies to get their candid take on important questions:

• Salary, job function, location, and work life balance: What do you prioritize and how has that affected your career path?

• How difficult has it been for you to transition between different types of companies and institutions?

• Any advice to impress during an interview?  What signs should I be looking for during the interview process to make sure that this is the place for me?

Have more questions for our panelists?  Send them to us at ims2017yopro@gmail.com and come hear the answers on Tuesday, June 6 at 5 pm.