Students get Free Access to Industry Leaders & Technology

Aloha Students! Did you know that the MicroApps Theater is having leaders in the Microwave industry presenting 44 papers, over the 3 days during exhibit’s? This is all free to you, and located on the exhibits floor, at booth 1946. Each being a short 20-minute presentation, that is packed with new products and technologies, with a wide variety of subjects. Topics categories include components, materials, CAD/Simulation, design, and test and measurement. This is stuff you don’t get in the classroom!

You can take a quick look at the topics and schedules in the IMS Program Book or on-line at (, highlight the ones you have interest in, and accelerate your professional value. Come to see a couple of presentations, or spend the whole day and absorb all you can. If you ask some questions, you might make a connection with the presenter, and gain some recognition. Bring your resume too, just in case the opportunity strikes for an informal interview.

The MicroApps Theater is located on the exhibits show floor, at booth 1946, and we invite you to visit us. You can “Catch the Wave” and surf on over…

IMS MicroApps Team – Sam Paltikian