The Scoop on the First-Ever IMS 3MT® Competition

We are proud to announce the success of the first-ever 3MT® contest, which took place at IMS2017 in Honolulu, an event designed for students and young professionals to convey their complex, technical research in presentations accessible to non-specialists.

The interest in the 2017 3MT® Competition was enormous, the preparation exhaustive, and the build-up exhilarating: after a year in preparation, Monday 5 June 2017 saw our 18 eager finalists gathered in the Hawai‘i Convention Center, delivering their engaging best. These finalists passed through multiple rounds of consideration by the Technical Program Review Committee (TPRC), by the relevant TPRC subcommittees, and by the chairs of the 3MT® competition, before competing that day.

In the months leading up to and during the inaugural event and subsequent awards ceremony, as we focussed on logistics, promotion, contestant mentoring, and details of event execution, including the needs of our judges, volunteers, and audiovisual professionals, we were heartened by the increasing buzz and excitement surrounding our new competition coming from all segments of our Society.

The contestants worked tirelessly in the weeks and months leading up to the competition, with some of them attending our informational webinar about effective presentation, and others sending us videos, scripts, and slides for review. Their efforts were clearly visible in the high quality of their presentations, videos of twelve of which were uploaded to the IMS YouTube channel.