Millimeter-Wave Radiometers at 94 GHz and 140 GHz using Advanced SiGe

SiGe results in a very low noise amplifiers and low 1/f noise detectors, and therefore, can be used for state-of-the-art radiometers with very low NEDT. Using the Global Foundries SiGe 8HP and 9HP, we have achieved LNAs with < 5 dB NF at 94 GHz and < 7 dB NF at 140 GHz, and have been able to demonstrate radiometers with NEDT < 0.5K with 30ms integration time at 94 GHz and 140 GHz, respectively. This was also achieved at low DC power consumption, 25-40 mW, and will allow the construction of large-scale mm-wave imaging systems at low cost. The talk will describe the circuits used and the results in this effort.