Millimeter Wave Integrated Antenna Solutions

Future generations of mobile devices will have to deal with the always higher data traffic and the users’ needs of highly reactive systems. The next generations of communications are targeting millimeter wave frequencies associated to the deployment of a dense network of access points allowing to reach several Gb/s at short range with the new standards. At these frequencies, the integration of radiating elements becomes easier in smaller volumes but comes with an amount of constraints affecting the RF modules efficiency with higher radiation and interconnect losses and thermal issues. These design constraints depend on the considered network node namely the user terminal, the access point or the backhaul module. To alleviate these issues, heterogeneous integration can help to increase functionalities and offer degrees of freedom in order to enhance modules’ efficiency and robustness. The CEA-Leti has proposed several fully integrated mmW front-end modules based on different packaging technologies. Integrability and efficiency of these solutions will be discussed and perspectives will be drawn on the next challenges for both antenna designers and packaging developers to optimize electrical performance, thermal behavior and mechanical reliability of future compact and efficient mmW front-end modules.