Integrated Non-reciprocal RF/mmWave Components and Beyond through Temporal Modulation

Linear time-invariant circuits and systems based on conventional materials have plateaued in the functionalities and performance that they offer. In the recent past, time-varying circuits and systems have opened up surprising and unique capabilities at RF and millimeter-wave frequencies, including integrated tunable high-Q filtering through “N-path filters”. Another surprising development has been the ability to violate Lorentz Reciprocity through temporal modulation, enabling the realization of integrated non-magnetic high-performance RF and millimeter-wave non-reciprocal components such as circulators and isolators. This talk will review recent developments in this area, with a focus on switch-based spatio-temporal conductivity modulation and CMOS-based RF and millimeter-wave implementations. Finally, this talk will contemplate other new phenomena and functionalities enabled by temporal modulation.