Analog Devices MEMS Switch technology, a new switching solution for RF instrumentation from 0Hz/DC to 67GHz applications.

This presentation describes Analog Devices revolutionary MEMS switch technology. Topics discussed in the presentation include the motivation for the development, its RF performance, and details on the long term reliability of the switch. The MEMS switch technology can realize RF bandwidths in excess of 67GHz and beyond in die format. This coupled with the switch being an ohmic contact MEMS design means there is no performance compromise down to 0Hz (DC) and it displays excellent linearity and low parasitic performance. Comparing specifically to RF electromechanical relays the MEMS switch enables a solution that has a 95% smaller form factor, 10 times lower power, 30 times faster switching speed, significantly wider RF bandwidth and 10 times switching cycle lifetime improvements. ADI’s MEMS switch technology enables a co-packaged solution comprising a MEMS switch and a built-in driver IC in a QFN package which makes the switch extremely easy to use. The very high cycle lifetime achieved by the MEMS switch (1 Billion cycles minimum) is 10 times greater than typical electromechanical relays, in test equipment applications this lifetime extends system operating life and reduces costly downtime caused by relay failures. The extremely small height of the QFN package (1mm) allows system designers to surface-mount the devices on both sides of a system board which optimized area usage and boosts channel densities to reduce system costs.