Elevating Radio Performance to New Thresholds in Wireless Communication Systems

Linearization techniques can significantly enhance the performance of radio systems that include high-efficiency power amplifiers. The application of digital signal processing algorithms to entire transmitter signal chains improves their efficiency by pushing signal peaks closer to saturation levels of nonlinear amplifiers. In this workshop talk, we will discuss requirements and challenges for future wireless telecommunication systems as well as advances in high-performance silicon transceivers. We will also review digital predistortion and model extraction techniques that can overcome the shortcomings of RF amplifiers. Finally, we will showcase the power of digital front-end solution based upon the Xilinx UltraScale+ RFSoC. An interactive demonstration will highlight the latest technology, which is capable of linearizing a multi-channel radio front-end including 8 high-efficiency Doherty amplifiers and supporting an instantaneous signal bandwidth of 200 MHz under various carrier configurations in the IMT-2020 designated mid band (3400-3600 MHz). Such a system could address the current massive MIMO compute and integration requirements of 5G New Radios.