A 0.38-V, Sub-mW 5-GHz Low Noise Amplifier with 43.6% Bandwidth for Next Generation Radio Astronomical Receivers in 90-nm CMOS

An ultra-low-power 5-GHz low noise amplifier ( LNA) for next generation radio astronomical receivers fabricated in 90-nm CMOS technology is presented in this paper. Different from most ultra-low-power LNAs, the proposed LNA reaches a fractional bandwidth of 43.6% by adopting several bandwidth enhancement techniques. This LNA achieves an average 16.2-dB small signal gain from 3.90 GHz to 6.08 GHz with only 742-µW dc power consumption. Meanwhile, an average noise figure of 3.2 dB is also measured within the bandwidth. Last but not least, the figure-of-merit ( FOM) of this work is 17.5 GHz/mW, which shows competitiveness among published S band and C band ultra-low-power LNAs.