Scalable mm-Wave 4-Channel Radar SoC with Vector Modulators and Demodulators for MIMO and Phased Array Applications

This paper describes a scalable 120-GHz multi-channel radar system-on-chip in a SiGe BiCMOS technology. The chip includes a 4-channel transceiver (TRX) and folded-dipole antennas with a high radiation efficiency due to the use of the selective localized-backside etching technique. The TRX is equipped with vector modulators as well as demodulators and can be used for analog as well as digital beamforming. Several of these multi-channel TRXs can be cascaded to form a daisy chain and used to build phased array as well as MIMO radar applications. A frequency-division multiplexing MIMO radar system with single-sideband delta-sigma modulation was created using the implemented chip to show its applicability.