A New Integrated K-Band Analog Vector Sum Phase Shifter

This paper presents a new analog vector sum phase shifter where the phases of the orthogonal vectors I and Q as well as their amplitude ratio are varied simultaneously to control the vector sum phase. As a proof of concept, a phase shifter with a single-ended input and differential outputs is fabricated at K-band in 130-nm CMOS process. All the tasks of vector (I and Q) generation, vectors’ amplitude and phase variation, and vector summation are performed in a single block (phase shifter core) to reduce power consumption and chip real estate. The phase shifter provides 300° of continuous phase tuning with an average insertion loss of 6.7 dB at 23 GHz and total power consumption of 18.5 mW while occupying an on-chip area of 0.64×0.68 mm² (excluding the pads). The phase shifter core consumes only 7.8 mW, and its corresponding area is 0.15×0.3 mm².