65/30GHz Dual-Frequency Wirelessly Powered Monolithic 1.83 mm² Wireless Temperature Sensor Using a 3-Stage Inductor-Peaked Rectifier with On-Chip Antenna in 65-nm CMOS

This work is to present a wireless temperature sensor, including an on-chip antenna, which can be wirelessly powered and sensed at mm-wave frequencies. The system with integrated antenna measures only 1.83mm² in 65nm CMOS and weighs 1.6 mg. With the on-chip 30/65 GHz dual-frequency antenna and a 3-stage inductor-peaked rectifier, the node can be wirelessly charged to 1.2 V. The output frequency of the temperature-correlated transmitter varies from 78.92GHz to 78.98GHz, with a slope of 1.4 MHz/°C.