Design of a Ku-Band Compact Dual Polarized Horn Arrays with OMT

In this paper, a design of Ku-band compact dual polarized horn arrays is presented. To achieve high gain and low grating lobe level, square horns are arranged in a line array with metal grids on the aperture. In addition, only one orthomode transducer is connected with the waveguide power divider to achieve the dual polarization. The entire structure of the antenna is compact and efficient. The design has been accomplished using commercially available software HFSS. The simulated antenna attains a gain of about 22 dBi for the two ports. An isolation level of more than 50 dB between the two ports and better than -40 dB cross-polarization levels can be achieved from the dual-feeding mechanism. In addition, this structure has promised features in term of low cost, good impedance match, small size, and radiation pattern. A prototype of the proposed design has been fabricated and tested. Good agreement is achieved between simulations and measurements.