A Fully 3D Printed Multi-Chip Module with an On-Package Enhanced Dielectric Lens for mm-Wave Applications Using Multimaterial Stereolithography

In the first demonstration of multimaterial stereolithography 3D printing for electromagnetic applications, two 2×2 mm dies of different thicknesses (150 and 200 µm) are interconnected with inkjet printing of silver nanoparticle inks (SNP) to form 3-D interconnects. The dies are encapsulated utilizing Stereolithography (SLA) 3-D printing with an acrylate photopolymer resin. A 24.125 GHz right hand circular (RHC) patch antenna is inkjet printed with a novel beam forming ring (BFR) embedded into an integrated hollow dielectric lens of a secondary SLA printed ceramic photopolymer, enabling improved gain and reducing the size while avoiding dielectric loading and losses. The ability to 3-D print multiple materials of different dielectric constants at optical resolutions enables the formations of entirely new structures to be integrated into system-on-package solutions for mm-wave applications.