Packaging Solution for Low Cost Si based 100 Gb/s Wireless Links

Developing high data-rate wireless networks is of paramount importance to meet the growing demand of mobile services. To this end, millimeter-wave (mmW) System-on-Chip (SoC) approach in CMOS technology was extensively developed for the deployment of Gb/s wireless systems such as WiGig at 60 GHz (up to 7 Gb/s). With the upcoming transition to 5G standard, large bandwidths (BWs) are now required to provide data rates higher than 10 Gb/s. MM-wave and THz frequency bands are strongly considered since BWs of several 10s of GHz are easily accessible. Experimental 100 Gb/s wireless links using III-V photonic technology have been demonstrated above 200 GHz. Indeed, photonic transmitters feature naturally higher BWs (>50 GHz) than solid-state transmitters. However, with either solid-state or photonic based-links, broadband efficient integrated Antenna-in-Package (AiP) are needed as stand-alone antennas for short communication links or as antenna-sources of a larger quasi-optical radiator for long-distance communication links (>100m). Significant advantages of this approach are high-volume manufacturing capability and high electronics integration level, both of which result in lower associated costs. This presentation will discuss antenna-system performance already obtained using organic packaging technologies and 3D-printed quasi-optical antenna-solutions from 60 to 240GHz with point-to-point transmission link demonstration.