Spectrum Efficient D-Band Communication Link for Real-Time Multi-Gigabit Wireless Transmission

This manuscript presents results of wireless real-time data transmission at 143 GHz. The transmitter/receiver (Tx/Rx) front-end circuitry is integrated on a single monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), realized in a 250-nm indium phosphide (InP) double heterojunction bipolar transistor (DHBT) technology. The Tx module shows gain of 12 dB at 143 GHz with output power of -2.3 dBm at 1 dB gain compression. The Rx module has a gain of 15 dB with noise figure (NF) of 13 dB at 143 GHz. The minimum NF of 10 dB is measured at 132 GHz. The Tx/Rx front-end modules were integrated in two radio units to demonstrate a real time wireless data transmission. At a distance of 10 m and using 40 dBi gain antennas, the highest data rate achieved was 5.3 Gbit/s using 64 QAM modulation over a 1 GHz channel with spectrum efficiency of 5bit/s/Hz.