Cells and Electropulsation Microchambers Modeling for Linear and Non-Linear Optical Microspectroscopy

Mechanisms underlining the cell membrane permeabilization and consequent cellular and intracellular effects are still debated. To shed light on the involvement of phospholipids and water molecules rearrangements in this phenomenon, linear and non-linear optical imaging and microspectroscopy seem particularly appropriate. To combine optical detection with electric pulses used for permeabilization of cells, three delivery setups (microchambers) are presented in this paper. Design and numerical characterization are described and systems performances compared in terms of electromagnetic emissions. The dosimetry of the less radiating microchamber was analyzed in time domain and compared with transmission measurements. Microdosimetry in time domain was also performed to study electric field distribution at cell level. These data give interesting information for interpreting cell microspectroscopic results.