Substrate Integrated Waveguides for mm-Wave Functionalized Silicon Interposer

This paper presents D-band mm-wave SIWs, which are embedded in a high-resistivity silicon interposer. Thanks to the interposer thickness equal to 70 ┬Ám, high-performance SIW were obtained, with measured attenuation constant between 0.4 and 0.6 dB/mm from 110 GHz to 170 GHz. These first results pave the way for the realization of high performance passive circuits and antennas embedded in the interposer. Also, by using a fully shielded waveguide highly insensitive to adjacent waveguiding and radiating structures, this topology provides significant advantages for packaging solutions at mm-wave frequencies. Such a functionalized interposer could offer lower cost, higher electrical performance as compared to standard CMOS technologies.