Applicability Investigation of SAW Devices in the 3 to 5GHz Range

This paper investigates applicability of new type SAW devices comprising a thin piezoelectric crystal plate and an acoustic energy confinement portion to the 3 to 5 GHz range unexplored for SAW industries. First, it is demonstrated that excellent performances even in the 3.5 GHz range are achievable by using a KrF stepper/scanner that has commonly used in SAW mass production lines when I.H.P.SAW (Incredible High-performance SAW), one of the new type SAW devices, is used. Next, the same interdigital transducer periodicity of the 3.5 GHz I.H.P.SAW is applied to an LLSAW devices, another new type SAW device, and it is revealed that good performance is still achievable even in the 5 GHz range.