Design Technique for Integration of Manifold Multiplexers Considering Constraints on Inter-Channel Spacings

An innovative and industrially relevant design technique to improve the integration of satellite output multiplexers (OMUXes) is proposed. The manifold dimensions of classical manifold OMUXes are typically obtained to accomplish the frequency specifications regardless of any constraints on manifold dimensions. However, it may be desirable to achieve a certain fixed inter-channel spacing e.g. in order to easily accommodate a fixed mounting point pattern or to obtain a more generic mechanical design approach. A design procedure is proposed in this paper to replace the uniform waveguides of a pre-designed OMUX by stepped waveguides sections, making it viable to adjust the footprint to the required dimensions without compromising the frequency response and avoiding any filter re-adjustment. A 3-channel OMUX prototype has been designed and simulated (both with CST MWS and FEST3D for comparison purposes) as an example to validate the feasibility of the proposed technique.