Workshop Introduction: Integrated Antenna-Interface Components: A Blessing in Disguise for Wireless Transceivers

As we prepare for the next generation of wireless communication networks (“5G”), the antenna interface is increasingly becoming the bottleneck. The proliferation of frequency bands is leading to an increasing number of antenna switches and acoustic duplexers that need to be crammed into a tight form factor. The maturation of millimeter-wave applications such as 5G communications and vehicular radar, nearly 15 years after the birth of silicon millimeter-wave, also stresses the chip-antenna interface, with large-scale arrays imposing a tight lambda/2×lambda/2 form factor. Non-reciprocal antenna interfaces, such as circulators, are also becoming important for emerging wireless communication paradigms such as full-duplex wireless. This talk will cover recent advances in integrated antenna-interface components that address these challenging problems. This talk will provide an overview of recent research in this area, and thus provide an introduction to this workshop.