An Echo-Canceller-Less NFIC-TSV Hybrid 3D Interconnect for Simultaneous Bidirectional Vertical Communication

This paper presents an echo-canceller-less wireless-wireline hybrid 3D interconnect for simultaneous bidirectional (SBD) vertical communication. This is accomplished by combining wireless near-field inductive coupling channel (NFIC) that encompasses wireline through-silicon via (TSV) channels to form a bidirectional vertical link for the first time using face-to-back 3D integration technologies applicable for multi-layer vertical communication. In experimental demonstration, the transceiver simultaneously communicates at an effective data rate of 6 Gb/s consuming 290 fJ/bit over the NFIC and TSV channels in 65nm CMOS process. The developed hybrid interconnect architecture exhibits more than 2× improved link performance over state-of-the-art 3D SBD link.