A 4-Bit Programmable Metamaterial Based on VO2 Mediums

A 4-bits programmable metamaterial with metasurface, vanadium oxide (VO2) medium, and metal substrate is designed, simulated, and analyzed in this paper. The encoding operation is executed by the thermally triggered insulator-metal phase transition (IMPT) of VO2, conductivity of which is changed as a function of temperature. The resonance is reconfigured and addressed by heating the coded resonator. The proposed metamaterial provides not only resonance tenability but also polarization insensitivity. The simulation results show that different codes generate different resonance. The tuning frequency range, and modulated absorptivity amplitude is 68.05 GHz, 73.94%, respectively. The presented programmable metamaterial provides inspirations for the design of tunable and digital metamaterials because of its flexible design, size adaptation, and high adjustment capacity.