Performance Comparison of Two Stage of Dickson Voltage Rectifier Realized in FD-SOI 28nm and BiCMOS 55nm for RF Energy Harvesting

In this article, two stages of the Dickson voltage rectifier are realized in two different technologies: FD-SOI 28 nm and BiCMOS 55 nm. The measurement of I-V characteristics of diodes in both technologies reveals that FD-SOI manifests a smaller threshold voltage and less leakage current compared to BiCMOS. It is also ascertained through the measurement results that the efficiency of the rectifier realized with the FD-SOI is better than that of rectifier obtained using BiCMOS. Furthermore, the impact of back gate polarization (BGP) in FD-SOI is investigated and a novel dynamic BGP is proposed. Power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 45% is achieved at -10 dBm in FD-SOI, whereas, a PCE of 36% is observed in BiCMOS at the same power.