Real-Time Frequency-Agile Circuit Reconfiguration for S-Band Radar Using a High-Power Tunable Resonant Cavity Matching Network

In the dynamic spectrum access paradigm, operating frequency and bandwidth are assigned in real time. Presently the S-band radar allocation is highly coveted for spectrum sharing with wireless communications. To share the band with wireless systems, next-generation radar transmitters must be able to reconfigure in both frequency and spectrum usage in real time. We demonstrate S-band reconfigurability of a high-power tunable evanescent-mode cavity matching network capable of 90 W of RF power handling. The system can switch between different operating frequencies, optimizing its power-added efficiency (PAE) while meeting simultaneous adjacent-channel power ratio (ACPR) constraints. This reconfiguration capability provides a useful building block for dynamic coexistence of a radar transmitter with other wireless systems in the S band.