A 39GHz MIMO Transceiver Based on Dynamic Multi-Beam Architecture for 5G Communication with 150 Meter Coverage

This paper presents a dynamic multi-beam (DMB) architecture for 5G communication. Compared to the phased array with phase shifters, the proposed DMB architecture does not require calibration and has advantages in the searching time between the base station (BS) and the user equipment (UE). Based on the DMB architecture, a 39 GHz MIMO transceiver is designed. A CMOS transceiver chipset is designed by in a standard 65 nm CMOS process and mounted in a LTCC package for the 39 GHz DMB MIMO transceiver. The indoor communication link shows the transceiver supports 256 QAM modulation of EVM 4.0% with 4 m distance. A very good performance through an online outdoor communication link for one stream and two stream transmission is also achieved over 5 m to 150 m distance.