Millimeter-Wave Multicast Chip-to-Chip Interconnect Network Using Dielectric Slab Waveguide

An on-board, fully-connected, dielectric slab waveguide based multi-chip communication network is proposed. A transition from on-chip transmission line to the off-chip dielectric waveguide is realized by means of an on-chip spherical dielectric resonator. This transition features low-loss, minimal chip area consumption and on-chip self-alignment. An innovative, symmetric and reciprocal Y-junction is designed, showing simple structure and optimized electrical performance, for building the interconnect network at millimeter-wave frequency. From multiple end-to-end measurements, the extracted chip-to-dielectric waveguide transition loss is 3.25 dB and 2.15 dB in V- and W-band, respectively. For the Y-junctions, the extracted insertion loss is about 5.8 dB and 5.2 dB, respectively.