Active Huygens’ Cloaks for Arbitrary Metallic Polygonal Cylinders

Active interior electromagnetic cloaking utilizes an array of radiating sources, positioned along an object’s surface, to create a field discontinuity which cancels out electromagnetic scattering. While this method has been successfully implemented on circular cylinders, which scatter uniformly, a practical cloak must be capable of hiding non-uniform objects where scattering is dependent on incident direction. This work seeks to demonstrate this through the design of a 20-element array capable of cloaking a five-sided polygonal target. The effectiveness of the cloak, when illuminated by a plane wave at 0° and 30° incidence, is then verified through fullwave simulations. By adjusting the weights of each element, the radar cross-section (RCS) of the object can be reduced by up to 20–25 dBsm regardless of the incidence angle. RCS reduction is less prevalent at corners due to edge effects but cloak effectiveness is not significantly affected.