2D-Graphene Epitaxy on SiC for RF Application: Fabrication, Electrical Characterization and Noise Performance

Two-dimensional graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) without the sublimation of the silicon of SiC substrate was used to fabricate field effect transistors. Atomic force microscopy and Raman spectroscopy measurements show the high quality of the graphene. The study of DC, radio frequency and microwave noise characteristics demonstrate reasonable extrinsic value of transconductance (gm), current gain cut-off frequency (fT) and minimum noise figure (NFmin) related to the transistor dimension. For devices with gate length Lg = 150 nm, the transistors show extrinsic current gain cut-off frequency fT_extr = 65GHz associated to the maximum frequency of oscillation fmax = 28 GHz. The measurement of noise performance shows NFmin = 4dB @ 10 GHz.