New Single Source Surface Integral Equation for Solution of Scattering Problems on 3D Dielectric Objects Situated in Multilayered Media

Novel single source surface integral equation (SSSIE) is proposed for solution of the scattering problems on general homogeneous non-magnetic 3D objects embedded in multilayered media. The new integral equation features a single unknown surface current density on the surface of the scatterer and utilizes only electric field dyadic Green’s functions in the product of its integral operators. Hence, it is amenable to mixed-potential formulation with gradient and divergence operators shifted to the basis and testing functions utilized in its method of moments (MoM) discretization. With further use of gradient theorem the MoM discretization of the new SSSIE can be cast in the form with no stronger than 1/R singularity in its reaction integrals. The desired mixed-potential form of the proposed SSSIE is enabled through the use of Michalski-Zheng’s mixed-potential formulation for the electric field integral equation with layered media Green’s function.