A Novel V-Band Substrate Integrated Suspended Line to Rectangular Waveguide Transition

This paper proposes a novel V-band transition from substrate integrated suspended line (SISL) to rectangular waveguide (RWG). The transition is realized by inserting a probe orthogonal to the E-plane of air-filled substrate integrated waveguide (AF-SIW), and then convert AF-SIW to RWG. The air cavities dimensions of both SISL and AF-SIW are optimized to broaden bandwidth by suppressing high-order modes. To further reduce transmission loss, the supporting substrate is hollowed as much as possible while maintaining mechanical strength. Simulated results show a broad bandwidth of 43.9% from 48 GHz to 75 GHz and a low insertion loss less than 0.57 dB. Measured results indicates that from 50 GHz to 67 GHz, the proposed transition has a return loss of 10 dB within the bandwidth and low insertion loss of 0.65±0.44 dB. Fabricated by printed circuit board (PCB) technology, the transition shows good properties of self-packaging, light weight, and low manufacturing cost.