A 400GHz Transmitter Integrated with Flip-Chiped 3D Printed Horn Antenna with an EIRP of 1.26dBm

This paper presents a 400GHz radiating source in 28nm CMOS technology with a 3D printed horn antenna directly mounted on-top of a on-chip waveguide feed. The CMOS chip is composed of two mutually-coupled triple-push oscillators and a differential microstrip to waveguide transition. A custom horn antenna is mounted on top of this waveguide feed, enabling an efficient and high gain output. The horn antenna is fabricated using a two-photon lithography 3D printing process. The part is metallized with platinum and copper through physical vapor deposition and electroplating. The measured EIRP of the fully integrated system is 1.26dBm which is 13 dB higher then the EIRP of the standalone transmitter.