Linearization of broadband PA and Wireless transmitters for 5G applications

Multi-band transmitter systems are evolving to support the smooth transition from 2G to 5G communication systems. For 5G communication, in sub6G communication, the bandwidth is anticipated to be 200MHz~400MHz and in mm-wave (28GHz/39GHz/60GHz) communication band, the bandwidth is anticipated to be 800MHz~2GHz. With the nonlinear distortions, the state-of-the art digital predistortion techniques need to process five to seven times of the signal bandwidth, and their performance are limited by the speed of DAC and ADC while supporting such a large bandwidth. The system suffers from further interference if the MIMO communication is employed for such signals. This talk presents the low-cost portable solutions to linearize such 5G signals in the presence of very wide bandwidth as well as MIMO operations.