Multiband/Multichannel Power Amplifier Linearization

This workshop targets two forms of multi-channel communication whose system level description have a certain similarity. To start with, multi-band operation is defined as different signals being transmitted at different carrier frequency using one antenna. In contrast to multi-band operation, multiple-input-multiple-output system is defined when same signal and its transformed version (according to various diversity techniques) is being transmitted at same carrier frequency using different antenna. However, digital level algorithms and implementation challenges differ from each other. With so many distortions-introducing elements in a practical transmission system, actual signal quality becomes very poor and does not benefit from many popular methods such as MIMO, carrier aggregation and multiband operations. Originating from this research gap, this workshop focuses on investigating practical implementation hurdles of popular spectrum efficient techniques proposed for 4G/5G transmission. It is will be shown that a single solution can be applied to both the scenario as software-defined solutions for the power efficient operation of transmitter/receiver system.