Advanced GaAs Integration for 5G Power Amplifiers

Compound semiconductor technology, and specifically GaAs, has captured a large and growing market share in wireless and optical systems by providing the optimum combination of RF performance and value. To remain the solution of choice in the frequency bands being considered for 5G systems and applications, GaAs technology has to complement its inherent high frequency performance advantage with increased integration and functionality. Historically, GaAs has lagged Si technology in offering multiple device types on the same wafer to enable highly integrated multifunctional MMICs. This gap is rapidly closing and this presentation will describe several advanced GaAs platforms that incorporate new levels of functionality (e.g. logic, high frequency T/R switch, ESD protection, etc.), into high performance pHEMT technologies for Ka band power applications. These platforms provide users with a new set of tools to address the expected power performance and integration requirements of 5G systems.