Inkjet and 3D printed circuits for the Internet of Things and 5G communication systems

Additive manufacturing techniques such as inkjet printing and 3D printing emerge as low cost, high performance technologies for RF electronics, with applications ranging from sensors to antennas, front-ends and packaging solutions from RF to millimeter wave frequencies. Additive manufacturing provides a platform for heterogeneous integration of complex circuit structures, materials and packages, from superstrate lens structures, antennas and passive microwave circuits, to multilayer systems on package including 3D printed interconnects. This presentation will present recent developments in circuit and system implementations and will discuss challenges and future trends. Starting from an introduction providing a perspective of inkjet/3D printing capabilities and challenges, the speakers will present recently published circuit examples, including inkjet printed millimeter wave antennas and rectennas, 3D printed microwave antenna lenses, and ambient backscatter communication systems.